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In recognition of the late Malachi Martin's tireless work in defence of the Faith, Triumph Communications now makes available all of the audio interviews it made with him. A wealth of penetrating insights, information, and observations about our Faith.

"Such an extraordinary mind is not likely to soon come again to our beleaguered Church."
-Michael Matt

-Catholicism Overturned- Click to see this same set in BOOK format...
-Peter in Chains- Click to see this same set in BOOK format...

- CD 1. The Storm Breaks

- CD 1. The Sack of Rome

Reviews recent Church history from the perspective of Our Lady's prophecies at Fatima. Assesses the pontificates of Pope Pius XII, John XXIII, and Paul VI.

What really happened in Rome's decision to authorize altar girls? Identifies the situation in Rome which made this decision possible and discusses its implications.

- CD 2. The Ship at Storm - CD 2. System Breakdown

Relates how the turmoil in the Church is affecting the Catholic laity. Discusses issues such as the bishops, the liturgy, education, and the coming New World Order.

Why do appeals to Rome by faithful Catholics go unanswered? Analyses how and why the machinery of Church government has broken down. Exposes liberal plans for a new Church structure.

- CD 3. Inside the Vatican - CD 3. The Moral Ice Age

Demonstrates how forces inside Rome are frustrating the Holy Father's attempts to govern the Church. Many insights and revelations about the present war within the Vatican.

Discusses the new post-Christian morality and its influence on technology. Concludes with an eloquent appraisal of how the new world being created could impact Catholic souls.

-The Eternal War- Click to see this same set in BOOK format...
-The Deserted Vineyard- Click to see this same set in BOOK format...
- CD 1. God's Rule Overturned - CD 1. The Judas Complex

Analyses recent geopolitical developments from the perspective of the Faith. Shows how, at home and abroad, the rule of Man is replacing the social kingship of Christ.

Beginning with their failure to fully support the pro-life movement, analyses the mindset of today's bishops. A necessary guide to understand why the bishops act the way they do.

- CD 2. The Priesthood in Crisis - CD 2. St. Peter's Successor

Demonstrates how and why the holy priesthood has become the focus of attacks on the Faith. Makes an eloquent and forceful defence of the Church's teaching on the priesthood.

Provides a penetrating understanding of the present Holy Father and his role in history. Assesses both the strengths and weaknesses of Pope John Paul II's pontificate.

- CD 3. The Keys of the Kingdom - CD 3. The Essence of Catholicism

Discusses the issue of the Mass. Exposes how national bishops' conferences and powerful forces within the Vatican are undermining the Church's teaching on the Papacy.

Contributes a unique set of observations about the life of Catholic devotion. Provides some keys to unlocking the rich treasure chest of popular devotions accumulated over the centuries.

-The Kingdom of Darkness- Click to see this same set in BOOK format...
-The Tempter's Hour- Click to see this same set in BOOK format...
- 2 CD Set - CD 1. Windswept House Revisited

Provides a thorough discussion of Satan's assault on individual souls, the international political order, and the Church. Updates the best-selling book, Hostage to the Devil, by discussing the subjects of exorcism and possession. Fascinating.

Identifies the key themes of Windswept House. What unique perspective can exorcists offer on the current crisis of the Church? What triggered this unprecedented crisis?

  - CD 2. Pact with Darkness

What is the New World Order and its agenda for the Papacy? What are the characteristics of the evening of John Paul II's reign? Does Russia still play a key role in the message of Fatima?

  - CD 3. The Emmaus Factor

After the Resurrection, two disciples on the way to Emmaus failed to recognize Our Lord. Discover what relevance this passage of scripture has for our time.

-The Shoes of the Fisherman- Click to see this same set in BOOK format...
-Crossing the Desert- Click to see this same set in BOOK format...
- CD 1. The Slavic Solution - CD 1. After the Cold War

Discusses the situation in the Church which John Paul II inherited and reveals for the first time the strategy chosen by this pope to deal with the deepest crisis in the Church's history.

Describes the new geopolitical configuration which has replaced the Cold War. Discusses the liberal agenda and whether it is possible for the Church to fit into the new global order.

- CD 2. Into the Darkness - CD 2. The Hidden Dynamic

Night has fallen upon our civilization. Learn why the existing order is coming crashing down everywhere and what impact this development is having on the condition of today's Church.

Reveals the underlying spiritual reasons for the current moral collapse. Explains how to distinguish between believing and non-believing churchmen. Discusses the underground Church.

  - CD 3. Our Invisible Guides

What unseen role do good and fallen angels play in our lives? How do we tap the full potential of what angels can do for us? What essential virtue is needed to make devotions work?

These audio recordings may be ordered individually or as a complete set.

The complete audio set is available for $190 and is ideal for gift-giving and now available in two attractive album covers.


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