Traditionis Custodes and the Great Liberal Death Wish Letter

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Dear Friends and Benefactors:

No doubt we are all dismayed and angered by the motu proprio Traditionis Custodes which restricts the use of the Traditional Latin Mass. However, for traditional Catholics to formulate an effective response to this document, it is first necessary to take a step back and analyze what exactly caused this debacle.

In the 1930's, the great British author Malcolm Muggeridge was stationed in the Soviet Union as a journalist for the Manchester Guardian. He noticed that liberal intellectuals from the West were singing the praises of Stalin and his communist regime despite the waves of brutal oppression and killings which were taking place right in front of their eyes. The only way that Muggeridge could explain this strange behavior was by a phenomenon which he called the great liberal death wish.

The liberal death wish principle works as follows: When an entity loses its purpose, it devotes a major part of its energies to winding itself down. What looks like illogical behavior to the outsider actually makes sense from this perspective. The death wish principle can act at the micro level. A man who loses his purpose in life may drink himself to death. At the macro level, the government of a country afflicted by this principle may enact destructive policies. No doubt readers of this letter may recognize some of the policies of the Biden administration as manifestations of the liberal death wish. The liberal death wish operates primarily at the subconscious level. A drunkard does not say, "I want to drink myself to death." President Biden does not say, "I want to introduce policies which will destroy the country."

Since Vatican II, the institution of the Roman Catholic Church has been in the vice grip of the great liberal death wish. Malachi Martin read the third secret of Fatima. According to Malachi Martin, this secret concerns the apostasy of faith among churchmen. This loss of belief among churchmen has led to the liberal death wish taking root inside the Church. Since Vatican II, churchmen have enacted changes which have driven away parishioners and vocations. For example, in his book Goodbye, Good Men, Michael Rose documents how pious and good vocations were systematically screened out by numerous seminaries in the United States. This is an example of the liberal death wish in action inside the Church.

Since the introduction of the Novus Ordo Mass, church attendance has dropped precipitously. There really isn't much left to the Catholic Church compared to what there was before Vatican II. In my country of Canada, almost all of the convents which existed prior to Vatican II are now closed, vocations to the priesthood are few, and the majority of churches are sparsely attended, kept open by a handful of elderly parishioners. There is one exception to this dismal picture. Latin Mass congregations are flourishing, blessed by an abundance of vocations and large young families. To attempt to close down the one area bringing new life to the Church in an otherwise dismal picture is definitely the liberal death wish in action.

To want to close down Latin Mass congregations is definitely a manifestation of what was described by Sister Lucy as the diabolical disorientation of men's minds. Fr. Stephen Somerville, a prominent liturgist, stated that churchmen should be happy that some people want the Latin Mass. An official reason given for this motu proprio is that it was necessary to preserve unity in the Church. This is an utter falsehood. The traditional Latin Mass, by enabling consistency of worship throughout the world, is one of the strongest forces for unity that the Church possesses. It is the modern vernacular Mass which broke down the unity of worship which existed in the Church prior to Vatican II.

Malachi Martin many years ago prophesied a renewed persecution of traditional Catholics. He knew it was coming because among modernists there exists an intense hatred of the Traditional Latin Mass. There are some traditional Catholics who hope that the ill winds arising from Traditionis Custodes soon blow over. This may occur, but it is more likely that the persecution will continue and intensify because the hatred of all things traditional animating the minds of modernist churchmen is still there. The historical pattern of persecutions is that they start slowly and then intensify. This hatred of the Traditional Latin Mass is a manifestation of the diabolical disorientation afflicting modern minds. Who could possibly hate the traditional liturgy, described by Fr. Frederick Faber as the most beautiful thing this side of heaven: the liturgy which nourished centuries of saints, both canonized and unknown. These people are spiritually sick, just as the modern world in general seems to be afflicted by a sort of spiritual sickness.

"By their fruits you shall know them." (Matthew 7:16). The fruits of the Novus Ordo Mass are closed convents, lavender seminaries, and dwindling congregations. The fruits of the Traditional Latin Mass are abundant vocations and flourishing congregations. This is a battle between the great liberal death wish and the life-giving properties of our Catholic traditions. We must not just sit idly by and allow our path to eternal salvation be taken away from us by modernist churchmen who occupy positions of authority in the Church, but who have lost the Faith. We must remember that at La Salette, a Church-approved apparition, Our Lady said, "Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist."

On the website OnePeterFive, Steve Skojec states that Traditionis Custodes constitutes a declaration of war against traditional Catholics. The document says that the Latin Mass is not to be said in parish churches. Well, then where is the Latin Mass to be celebrated? The letter from Pope Francis accompanying the motu proprio states the following: "Indications about how to proceed in your dioceses are chiefly dictated by two principles... (the) need to return in due time to the Roman Rite promulgated by Paul VI and John Paul II." They want to wipe us out! They want to eliminate our path to salvation! Our backs are up against the wall. Now is the time to fight back! The stakes are high, the salvation of our souls and the survival of the Faith, which cannot survive without tradition.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill's famous speech of June 6, 1940, we proclaim the following: "Even though large tracts of the Church have fallen to the enemies of tradition, we shall not flog or fail. We shall go on to the end, we shall fight on the Internet, we shall fight on the airwaves, we shall fight with the printed word, we shall fight on social media, we shall defend our Latin Mass, the most beautiful thing this side of heaven, we shall fight in Rome, we shall fight in the dioceses, we shall fight in the chancery offices, we shall fight in the seminaries, we shall fight in the churches. We shall never surrender."

Since the publication of Traditionis Custodes, Latin Masses have been cancelled and we can expect more bad news to follow. We must not succumb to clerical cancel culture. If the Latin Mass is to be saved, we may have to go underground. Malachi Martin's position that there is a need for an underground Church has been absolutely vindicated. It must be remembered that in England during the reign of Elizabeth I (1558-1603), virtually all Masses were said in houses. Perhaps now is a good time to convert that barn or that garage into a private chapel for the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass.

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God Bless,

Bernard Janzen



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