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Dear Friends and Benefactors:

It is generally accepted by the public that what scientists tell us is clear-cut, based on objective, unbiased observation, experimentation, and research. Nothing is further from the truth. Science is full of uncertainties and grey areas. Much of science is about developing theories which most accurately fit the facts. In the book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Thomas S. Kuhn shows that throughout history accepted scientific models have frequently undergone drastic changes in the wake of new discoveries.

Today's scientific reality is worse than the existence of some uncertainties and grey areas. In the modern era, an ideology called scientism has emerged. Real science includes open inquiry and debate. Yet, today's scientific establishment has erected new dogmas. In the film documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, Ben Stein demonstrates how a scientist or university professor who even questions the theory of evolution or suggests that intelligent design may play a role in biological outcomes is often subjected to severe censures such as loss of job or reputation. Canadian newspaper columnist Terence Corcoran has stated that very often public policy is being made on the unproven claims of junk science. The modern scientific establishment has promoted a worldview which leaves no room for religious belief. Those who believe in a literal interpretation of the scriptures are viewed as being obscurantist, retrograde, or ignorant.

Now the claims of the liberal, secular scientific establishment are meeting a strong challenge. The central pillars of modern scientific theory, such as Darwin's theory of evolution and the big bang theory of creation, are being demolished by the weight of new scientific discoveries. These amazing discoveries are restoring the credibility of a God-centered universe. Science may well be the central factor influencing the future of religion. It could be argued that an erroneous interpretation of the discoveries of great scientists such as Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein is what overturned the medieval God-centered view of the universe and relegated religion to the margins of society. Today's energetic challenge to the scientific establishment may hold the key to overturning the liberal, secular scientistic worldview.

Towards that end, Triumph Communications has published a book, Unmasking the Faces of Antichrist, by Dr. Wolfgang Smith, a traditional Catholic scientist. One of the faces of Antichrist which he exposes is false science, or scientism. We have also produced a set of two CD recordings, Scientific Earthquake!, by movie producer Rick DeLano. Included with this mailing is an offering for his film documentary, The Principle. This mailing includes offerings on other subjects as well. We have produced Martin Luther and the Modern Church, by Dr. Peter Chojnowski, a set of two CD recordings about Luther and the scandalous celebration of a destroyer of Christendom by modern Catholic churchmen. We have produced Christ-Centered History, by Mrs. Anne Carroll, a set of two recordings which lays out the principles of history from a Catholic perspective. In Christ-Centered History, Mrs. Carroll discusses the work of her deceased husband Dr. Warren Carroll, who wrote the monumental History of Christendom series. The work of the Carrolls is very crucial, as in recent years there has been very little scholarship in the field of history from an authentic Catholic perspective.

The traditional Catholic movement may soon face a challenge of epic proportions in that rumors are swirling around that the Vatican will soon act to suppress the traditional Latin Mass, or at least cripple it by imposing the new lectionary when it is celebrated. We need to be braced for this assault, as Malachi Martin has often pointed out that among modernist churchmen, there festers a strong hatred of the traditional liturgy.

Of course, any attempt to suppress the Mass has no legal foundation. The traditional Latin Mass has a double legal protection through the bull Quo Primum of Pope St. Pius V, which established a firm legal standing of this Mass in perpetuity, and by the fact that it is an immemorial custom, which can never be suppressed. In his motu proprio on the traditional liturgy, Pope Benedict XVI confirmed that the traditional Mass had never been abrogated. Of course, this rock-solid legal foundation of the traditional liturgy will not stop the modernist authorities any more than it did the last time they attempted to suppress the traditional Mass. What the rock-solid legal foundation of the traditional liturgy means is that if and when the suppression comes, it will be the modernist authorities, not the faithful Catholics who stick with the Mass, who will be acting outside the law.

An attempt by churchmen to suppress the Latin Mass would be an act of self-mutilation, as traditional religious orders are attracting numerous vocations at a time when there is a shortage of clergy. Traditional parishes throughout the world are thriving, generally with an abundance of large, young families at a time when church attendance is declining. As Fr. Stephen Somerville once said, churchmen should be happy that there are faithful who want to attend the traditional Mass.

If and when this fresh assault comes, traditional Catholics, for the defense of the Faith and the good of the Church, need to stand firm in defense of the traditional liturgy, imitating the ancient martyrs who went to their deaths rather than offer a pinch of incense to the emperor. If we stand firm, we will be victorious, as this attack on the traditional Mass may well be one last dying gasp of the modernist establishment, similar in history to the last-ditch efforts of Julian the Apostate to restore paganism in the Roman Empire. If we stand firm, this storm, too, will pass.

What traditional Catholics must not do is cower in fear at the prospect of an assault on the traditional liturgy. What we need to do is take the offensive. In the sport of hockey, it is said that the best defense is a strong offense. We must pray that in this deepening crisis of the institutional Catholic Church God will raise up leaders for tradition. We need leaders who are courageous and steadfast, who are dedicated to defending truth and who are not concerned about issues of human respect. For this intention, Triumph Communications is launching a prayer crusade for the intention that strong and effective leaders will emerge for the cause of Catholic tradition. A sign-up sheet is enclosed with this letter.

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We at Triumph Communications are working for the restoration of Christendom. We invite you to join with us in this crusade and support our actions to publish traditional Catholic books and recordings. May it all be for the glory of God.

God Bless,

Bernard Janzen



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