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Dear Friends and Benefactors:

A difficulty with modern man is that he has lost a sense of history. To many members of the younger generation, what happened before the invention of the Internet is ancient history. They do not know or care to know what happened before the invention of the Internet brought mankind out of the dark ages. Yet, a sense of history is essential to give a person perspective and the ability to evaluate current events.

History has shown that civilizations were most often destroyed through migrations, even of a peaceful nature. The Roman Empire was destroyed by the mostly peaceful migrations of barbarian tribes into the empire, often as refugees seeking to escape the predations of other barbarian tribes. These barbarians did not seek to destroy the Roman Empire; they did not possess the capability to continue Roman civilization. The historical parallel is obvious: There is today a huge migration of Islamic peoples into Christian countries. If this migration continues, it will be the end of our civilization.

To understand this situation, it is necessary to bring to light another historical parallel. In the Old Testament, whenever the Israelites would fall away from the Faith, God would punish them. For example, on one of the occasions when the Israelites fell away from the Faith, the Chaldeans captured and deported them to Babylon, in what is known as the Babylonian captivity.

In the West, there is a progressive process of revolution which is de-Christianizing our civilization. The West has lost the Faith and has become morally rotten. For example, the January 16th, 2016 issue of The Economist magazine documented how in the West the percentage of births outside of marriage has skyrocketed in the last four decades. Liberal secularists have largely destroyed the traditional family. Muslims are moving into a spiritual and moral vacuum.

Another factor is that many churchmen, who should be leaders in upholding our civilization, are tearing it down. A key theme of Malachi Martin's message is that the Catholic Church is living through the apostasy of the churchmen. Pope Francis, wittingly or unwittingly, has renewed the process of revolution in the Catholic Church and is tearing down its traditions. For example, Pope Francis has undercut the Church's teaching on marriage by introducing a policy of fast-tracking annulments. Rather than defending the family against the attacks of liberal secularists, the Pope has joined in on the attacks. He has said that Catholics don't need to breed like bunnies, a statement which is in sharp contrast to these words of Pope Pius XII: "Large families are most blessed by God and are specially loved and prized by the Church as one of its most precious treasures.".

The situation of our civilization is very dire. It is falling from the triple blows of Muslim migrants, liberal secularists, and modernist churchmen. If present trends continue, our civilization will certainly perish. It is true that well-meaning politicians such as Marine Le Pen in France and Geert Wilders in the Netherlands are working to stem the flow of Muslims into the West, but these efforts are unlikely to succeed without being underpinned by a strong spiritual and moral foundation.

In combating the moral depredations of the modern age, churchmen have frequently made a fatal mistake. They will, for example, put out a press release opposing abortion or euthanasia, but they fail to use the spiritual weapons available to them. Likewise, it is crucial for individual souls to use spiritual weapons such as the rosary to defend themselves against the temptations of the devil.

The very survival of our civilization is at stake. Triumph Communications is doing its part by launching a prayer crusade for the revival of Christendom, using spiritual weapons requested by Our Lady. We invite the readers of this letter to join this prayer crusade which lasts from now until the end of 2016. A pledge form is included with this mailing. This prayer crusade consists of saying the "Prayer to Our Lady" (which is on the pledge form) and praying the rosary for the intention of the conversion of Russia.

Malachi Martin believed that salvation would come from the East. Although Russia will not be fully converted until the Pope in union with the bishops consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, all the prayers that have been said for the conversion of Russia have done some good. Religious observance there is increasing and Russia has shown more common sense than the West in dealing with moral and political issues such as gay marriage and multiculturalism.

Triumph Communications is continuing to produce recordings for the purpose of defending the Faith. Our offerings this year are on the theme of revolution. We have produced a series of two CDs by Bishop Richard Williamson. The titles of these CDs are The Deepening Diabolical Disorientation and Tradition in Turmoil. We are not promoting these interviews of Bishop Williamson to take part in one of the many disputes within the traditional movement, but to enable his voice to be heard. Bishop Williamson is an articulate and intelligent spokesman for traditional Catholicism, and his arguments should be carefully considered. We have also produced a series of two CDs with Dr. Peter Chojnowski entitled Revolution and Counter-Revolution. A key theme of these interviews is that since Vatican II, the Church has undergone a revolution as radical as the French Revolution. Rounding out this offering is a CD lecture entitled The Revolution in Clothing, by Dr. Marian Horvat. We did not produce this CD but are carrying it because of the importance of its message.

We are continuing to advertise The Wisdom of the Ages, the box set of the eight books by Malachi Martin which we have published. Even if you have already read these books, you may wish to consider them for use as gifts. These books by Malachi Martin have a proven track record of winning converts for traditional Catholicism. With the deepening crisis in the Church, there is a revival of interest in Malachi Martin. I have never had so many requests to be interviewed about Malachi Martin as in the past year. A movie is currently being made about Malachi Martin by a producer in Ireland.

We encourage you to continue working and praying to restore all things in Christ and to support our efforts to do the same. May it all be for the honor and glory of God.

God Bless,

Bernard Janzen



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